The Festival

The Jamaica Epicurean Escape is a family event that showcases the best of Jamaica’s food, music and culture, while paying tribute to the international influences that have come together to create what the world now knows and loves as Jamaican.

 Jamaica's premier chefs and culinary personalities, combined with several international celebrity chefs and chefs in training will showcase their best creations. In addition patrons will enjoy specialty shopping, fine wines, beers, great entertainment plus the opportunity to participate in interesting seminars, cooking demonstrations and competitions.

The Festival 


 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Jamaica Epicurean Escape celebrates chefs and their special talents.  In 2014 the festival will feature several of Jamaica’s finest chefs, renown Caribbean and International chefs,  as well as specially selected restaurateurs and top caterers.  Patrons will be able to meet the chefs as they work on their delightful creations.

In addition to food, the event celebrates music and other aspects of Jamaican culture so some of Jamaica’s finest artists, painters and sculptors will be featured at the event. The event will also host top musical performers. 

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Get Involved

Companies who wish to get involved in the Jamaica Epicurean Escape have several pre-designed packages to choose from. However we are also able to design customised packages to suit every budget and objective. 

Chefs, restaurants and caterers who wish to expose their services and talents to a very prime target market may choose to participate in one of our food stations

We also seek volunteers who wish to work with the Jamaica Epicurean Escape team as we bring this wonderful event to life.

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