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The Jamaica Epicurean Escape will offer the opportunity for manufacturers, distributors and purveyors of various culinary and food/beverage related items to showcase their products and services at the Festival. We invite you to participate and let our patrons know more about what you have to offer.

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The Catering Expo

This expo will  feature catering and banqueting supplies. We would like our patrons to be able to view professional and state-of-the-art equipment and supplies that they might find useful in their own businesses or homes.  This is an excellent time for suppliers to reach out to this very key and prime target market as the festival comes at a time of year when persons are preparing to spend on their friends, families or themselves for the Christmas season. 

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The Wine, Beer & Spirits Expo

The objective of the Jamaica Epicurean Escape is to showcase as much variety as possible of the beverage products available to the consumers in Jamaica.  This expo will allow manufacturers, distributors, and other suppliers of alcoholic beverages to showcase not only the regular offerings but also those high end spirits and wines that they may not yet be aware of.   If you have something special that you want to showcase to a market with discriminating tastes, then you should participate in this expo.

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The Coffee Village

2013 marks 285 years since coffee was introduced into Jamaica and our Blue Mountain coffee has played an important role in marketing Brand Jamaica far and wide.  This year The Jamaica Epicurean Escape will pay tribute to this product by including a coffee village where all of suppliers of coffee and coffee products can participate and make sure our patrons get a special taste of this fabulous product.  

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Jamaica Bankra

As its name suggests this area will feature a mixture of  manufacturers and distributors of authentic Jamaican  packaged  foods and food related products that are sold locally and abroad. It will give the opportunity for these producers not only to showcase and sell their products but also allow the patrons to get a sample

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