Epicurean Village Activities & Layout

Our presentation for 2014 will again feature over 40 chefs and food stations showcasing Jamaican, International and Fusion menus. Patrons will be able to taste from a variety of food stations and will enjoy a truly epicurean experience. In addition there will be many special activities to delight and entertain.

Jamaica Epicurean Escape Plantation House - The Grand Feast.jpg


The Lounge will offer a select experience with limited availability where patrons can relax in comfort and style in the very best that the festival has to offer. Top shelf drinks and sumptuous tastings of food with dedicated waitresses are included in the cost. It will be the perfect place to networkand relax for the day.

Jamaica Epicurean Escape - The Wine, Beer & Spirit Expo.jpg


The objective of the Jamaica Epicurean Escape is to showcase as much variety as possible of the top products available. With this in mind the 2013 event will add  Wines, Beers and Spirits tasting to the Festival. 



The Vineyard will feature a selection of fine wines and champagne. Companies are invited to display their portfolio to patrons. Patrons will be able to purchase several tastings by the bottle.


The Still will showcase rum, whisky, vodka and other spirits. From aged rums to single malt scotch and other high end and rare liquor. Brew Masters are invited to share their expertise on the finer facts of the differing tastes and stilling of each.  Patrons will be able to purchase several tastings by the bottle


The Brewery will of course feature beers, stouts and other brewed products. Local and international Brew-masters can be invited to make presentations on the art of brewing. Beer Sommeliers and tasters can give beer tasting tips and describe the differences between different types and styles of beers and their respective ingredients.  


Jamaica Epicurean Escape - Table Setting Competition.jpg


 A well-dressed table is a key part of any event whether it’s large or small.  The Jamaica Epicurean Escape will  present The  Table Top Competition.  Young and aspiring caterers, event planners and decorators are invited to showcase their most creative and unique ideas for a table of eight. Prizes will be awarded for Most Innovative, Most Viable Concept and the Best of

Entrants will be required to come up with a table top design that will represent one of a selection of themes. The Table Top Competition will be  a fun and creative persons to show off their skills. Winners will get bragging rights, a trophy and some cash for their efforts.

Jamaica Epicurean Escape - Hotel Gourmet Stations - RIU.jpg



Our hotels that sponsor the event use it to showcase their finest offering by setting up Gourmet Food stations. These gourmet stations feature the hotel’s executive chefs with their signature menus.

Jamaica Epicurean Escape - Coffee Village.jpg


Each year the Jamaica Epicurean Escape will feature on main food product that has been an integral component in Jamaica’s culinary history.

2013 marks 285 years since coffee was introduced into Jamaica by then governor, Sir Nicholas Lawes and. The Jamaica Epicurean Escape considers it fitting to celebrate this significant milestone by creating a Coffee Village as the centerpiece of this year’s festival.

The Village will comprise the following elements:

• Coffee shop featuring products made with coffee – pastry, beverages, etc.
• Dedicated chef who will develop unique dishes using coffee
• Cookbooks featuring Coffee recipes.

Jamaica Epicurean Escape - The Knowledge Center - Seminars.jpg


The Jamaica Epicurean Escape is not just about tasting but also about offering the opportunity for our patrons to learn. Several seminars and demonstrations will be hosted that will feature topics from the intricacies and nuances of different wines to special techniques in preparing different dishes.   Top chefs, Sommeliers and other experts will share their knowledge over the two days.

Jamaica Epicurean Escape - The Art Emporium.jpg


Our artist village, which surrounds Central Park, will house a minimum of  10 of Jamaica’s finest artists and artisans and craftsmen who will present fine art, jewelry, ceramics and much more.  Patrons will be able to choose from a variety of original pieces

Jamaica Epicurean Escape - Central Park.jpg


Central Park will be exactly as the name implies.  It will be a relaxing green area in the centre of the village. Here our patrons will be able to relax with and enjoy the beauty of the venue while eating, having a drink, or just hanging with friends and family. 

Jamaica Epicurean Escape - The Farmer's Market.jpg


The Jamaica Epicurean Escape will work with a combination of farmers  and greenhouse growers to offer a Farmers Market. A little different to the traditional market, our Farmers market will emulate the Farm To Table experience.  Patrons will be able to pick their fruit and vegetable, and get their fresh fruit juice or salad made on spot.   Of course if they wish to take stuff home, that will also be possible. This is all in keeping with the Festivals Green objectives as it relates to developing sustainability in our environment.


Jamaica Epicurean Escape - Enjoying The Youth Village.jpg


A fully self-contained area where children of all ages can play, eat and learn. Various rides, games, art and craft, cooking demonstrations and more, will al be available to our young patrons.  Parents will be able to leave their children in the care of experienced professionals from one of Jamaica’s most well-known and reputable children centres, Rainbowland.  Parents only challenge will be getting their children to want to leave. This will be an all-inclusive area where one price will offer all the amenities, food and drink. 


Jamaica Epicurean Escape Celebrity Chef Demo.jpg


A premier feature of the Jamaica Epicurean Escape is celebrity chef demonstrations on stage. The Festival will have two celebrity kitchens from which various local and international celebrity chefs will demonstrate their special techniques for the audience. Four (4) Chef demonstrations featuring top chefs will take place each day with times running from approximately 11 am to 4 pm. Our patrons will be able to watch as these chefs create their masterpieces and be able to sample the goodies when they are done. 

Jamaica Epicurean Escape - On Show - Patti Labelle.jpg


Jamaica’s music and cultural offerings are extensive and unique.  The Jamaica Epicurean Escape will interweave the cultural and traditional with the modern and contemporary,   showcasing young and upcoming talent as well as established performers.  Musicians, drummers, dancers, singers and more will grace the stages throughout the day.  Each day will end with a  musical concert featuring top class performers.  

Jamaica Epicurean Escape - Jamaica Bankra.jpg


As its name suggests this area will feature a basket of small manufacturers of authentic Jamaican  packaged  foods  that are sold locally and abroad. It will give the opportunity for these producers to showcase and sell their products.  All products on show will be utilized in specially developed menus so that our patrons can have a firsthand experience on the taste of the products. 

Jamaica Epicurean Escape - Foodie Stations.jpg


Of course the main feature of The Jamaica Epicurean Escape  is food and as such we will have over 40 food stations hosting the finest chefs, with a wide variety of Jamaican and International food. Our chefs are hand-picked based on their expertise and experience and their menus are prepared specially for the festival ensuring that each bite is a gastronomic delight.