Environmental Policy

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Overall statement of values

The aim of the Jamaican Epicurean Escape is to provide a high quality food and entertainment experience that makes maximum use of Jamaican talent and products, and promotes the natural beauty and environment of the island in a sustainable way.

The JEE will expand the palate and the food experience using the best possible fresh ingredients and the most innovative combinations to produce unique and satisfying combinations of ingredients and expertise.


Sustainability is a critical core value of the event and therefore the organization will move towards becoming a sustainable event. In that regard, the Jamaican Epicurean Escape will seek out and preferentially partner with suppliers, vendors and sponsors that can provide:

      • Products made in Jamaica or the Caribbean
        Sustainably produced ingredients
        Organic products
        Biodegradable products
        Products made from and/or packaged in recycled material
        Recyclable products

      All vendors, suppliers and sponsors will be informed of our policies.

      Guidelines for implementation

      The festival seeks to minimize the impact on our environment by managing the volume of waste, water, and energy. The Jamaican Epicurean Escape will seek to meet a recognized certification of sustainability. The JEE will begin this process by setting standards and targets that continually improve its performance in the following areas:

      Waste Management

      • Ensure that all solid waste products are disposed of in official disposal or recycling areas.
        Ensure that site operations do not pollute the areas surrounding the venue.
        The event will showcase recycling of plastic bottles and collect all plastic containers.
        The use of Styrofoam containers on the main sites will be eliminated where possible.
        On the Organic Avenue there will be 100% compliance with the environmental guidelines and standards.
        Guide food operators on the use of non-organic material in food preparation  and creation of waste.

      Energy Use

      • Maximize energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.
        Maximize the use of energy-saving light bulbs.
        Promote the use of natural gas fueled generators to reduce harmful emissions.
        Maximize and encourage the use of shuttle buses and public transport.

      Site design

      • Maximize reusable materials in construction.
        Design site to minimize on-site vehicle use during operations.
        Design site so that no waste water enters the sea.
        Investigate the possibility of composting on-site.

      Sponsor Management

      • Work with all sponsors to identify and showcase the green aspects of their operations.
        Work with all sponsors to identify and showcase aspects of their operations that promote Jamaica.

      Other suggested activities

      • Possible demonstration of wind and solar energy project from nearby Richmond Estates.
        Prize for the most creative use of Jamaican ingredients.
        Material from one booth to use again for the following year.
        Use of mobile tickets to make the even a  near ticketless event.


      The JEE will put in place a monitoring system to measure key aspects of items at the festival such as:

      • How much energy is used overall during the period.
        How much water is used overall during the period.
        How much waste is produced.
        How many persons attended.Satisfaction level of patrons.
        Number of persons employed.
        Amount of food bought and sold.


      • Include signs to highlight and encourage  environmental responsibility.