Chef Ted Reader, Toronto

Ted Reader is a Canadian chef and author of several cookbooks. A native of Paris, Ontario and a graduate of George Brown College’s culinary management program. Ted credits his mother as well as his grandfather for giving him a passion for cooking. He held positions in local restaurants until he eventually became executive chef at the Skydome Hotel at Rogers Centre in Toronto.

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Chef Ravi Anne, Group Executive Chef, Jewel Resorts

Yielding to the magnetic pull of the culinary industry, Ravi enrolled in a three-year apprenticeship programme at one of India’s premier hotel chains. Soon thereafter, his talents earned him a spot as a Corporate Management Trainee in Bombay, but Ravi’s desire for adventure would soon prompt the Chef to pursue culinary opportunities outside of his home country of India. Chef Ravi headed to the United States and then to the tropics where he eventually settled in Jamaica.

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Chef Theo Smith

By the age of 15 years, Chef Theo had already determined that a career in the culinary arts was the ideal path for him. Theo enrolled himself in a cooking course for teens that was spearheaded by Dr. Heather Little-White. The short course further cemented his love for the culinary arts. In August 2006, Chef Theo joined the cohort of students entering the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management based at the University of Technology (UTECH).  


Chef Daniel Schweizer, Executive Chef, Goddard Catering.

Born in Switzerland Chef Daniel discovered the love for cooking from his uncle, who had a restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland. He knew very quickly that he wanted to be a Chef. His journey began in 1980 when he started a three year apprenticeship program in Switzerland. Thereafter he traveled throughout Switzerland to learn the various cuisines and languages firstly to Geneva were he learned French and classical French Cuisine, then to Locarno were he learned Italian and Italian Regional Cuisine.


Chef Steve Sowa, Executive Chef, Half Moon Resort

England-born, Executive Chef, Steve Sowa has worked within the culinary industry for over 40 years. Throughout his tenure, Steve has travelled extensively to England, Guernsey, Mauritius, Ghana and the Caribbean islands of the Bahamas, Barbados as well as Turks and Caicos.

Now a resident of Jamaica, Sowa incorporates his international lesson to make delectable dishes. Steve is also the recipient of several medals and accolades.


Chef Charles Mattocks 

Celebrity Chef & Worldwide Diabetes Advocate Charles Mattocks the nephew of the late reggae legend Bob Marley. He made a name for himself as TV's "The Poor Chef" by demonstrating how to prepare healthy, tasty and affordable meals for under US$7.00.  His life changed however when he found himself four years ago facing a diagnosis of diabetes. Since then, his passion for helping others with diabetes has taken him worldwide from India to North America and the Caribbean.


Chef Nadine Nelson

Chef Nadine Nelson, Green Queen of Cuisine, is the eco chef and social entrepreneur of Global Local Gourmet, a roving community supported kitchen. Chef Nadine was born in Toronto, Canada of Jamaican Heritage. She has always loved cooking and her vegetables. She has studied the culinary arts in Paris at the Ritz Escoffier, has a certificate in food styling from the New School and a certificate in fundraising and philanthropy from New York University in New York, and earned a teaching degree from Tufts University in Boston, consequently she brings a worldly perspective to seasonal food. 

She is a social activist, cooking instructor, chef, writer, recipe developer/tester, food consultant, experiential epicurean event producer and culinary artist. She is an expert in interactive cuisine and has worked with such clients as Harvard University, The Apollo Theater, the City of New Haven, Boston Office of Conventions and Tourism, The National Park Service, The Food Project, Disney, Bain and Company, Columbia University, International Association of Culinary Professionals, the Tobago Jazz Festival, and Jamaican Epicurean Escape designing and delivering cooking classes, culinary team building, wellness workshops, culinary tours, and epicurean event planning.


Chef Greame Gustave, Guyana

Proprietor of Gustave’s Catering, Greame Gustave’s keen interest in the Culinary Industry began in 1998 when he worked as a Pastry Cook at the Super Centre Mall. Since then, Gustave has dabbled in different areas of the food and beverage industry but realized his entrepreneurial calling when he opened the doors for his catering company in 2007.


Jonathan Forde, Guyana


Dane Kennedy, Guyana

Chef Dane Ralph Anthony Kennedy was born in Georgetown, Guyana and has been in the culinary profession for three year.  He is currently completing his degree in culinary management and specializes in pastry making.  His goal is to travel the world learning different types of cuisines firsthand so that he can have a deeper knowledge of the food and have a more hands on experience of their methods of preparation.


Chef Dustin Dalgetty, Guyana

Dustin Dalgetty has been in the culinary industry for over eleven years.  He gained his initial experience while working at his college restaurant as well as the Goring Hotel, the Jury’s Inn and the Compass Catering Group among others in London.  He is highly trained in European cuisine and has a deep passion for cooking.  His specializes also in creating unique presentations for his food.

Dalgetty is currently a chef at JR Enterprises in Guyana, having also worked at the Princess hotel, the Pegasus hotel and the Mojo Restaurant and Bar, also in Guyana.


Chef Nisa Walker, Guyana



Chef John Reman, Guyana

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David Bucknor , Sheriff Gourmet BBQ

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Chef Annette Lennox

With a degree in Major Culinary Management from the University of Technology, Annette is well equipped to excel in the culinary industry.  She began her journey as an intern at the Negril Gardens Beach Resort, and later at Sandals Montego Bay.  In 2009 she launched her own company Sweet Art Confections, creating wonderfully tasteful pastries and cakes.  In 2012 she became the manager at the Vineyard in Mandeville. With the additional experience under her belt, she expanded the portfolio of her own company and re-branded it Sweet Art Confections and Catering.   Annette interest outside of her love for food include music, dance forms, writing poetry, singing and promotion healthy lifestyles.


Shea Stewart 


Chef John Comrie


Kareena Mahbubani


Chef Lloyd Sterling 


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