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Hospitality professional and owner of Push Cart Foods, William Moore, received his training in the Culinary Arts through apprenticeships in England and France. With over 30 years’ experience working in the Hospitality Industry, this Food and Beverage veteran has held various positions within the field including Personal Chef to Lord Forte, Executive Chef to the Fijian Hotel, the Sheraton, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Nassau Beach Hotel among others. Moore also served as Food & Beverage Director and Resident Manager for the luxury resort Doral. 

Moore, an avid traveler and culinary adventure seeker, moved to the Caribbean in 1977. It was here that he developed a passion for evolving the indigenous cuisines of the Caribbean to a modern, international culinary standard.  

Through the initiation of events such as Taste of the Caribbean and with the formation of the Caribbean Culinary Federation, Moore helped to challenge regional chefs to excel and experiment with their craft. 

Push Cart Foods which represents Bill’s appreciation for the region’s ubiquitous road food culture, was established in Brooklyn, New York as a result of a greater demand for Caribbean cuisine in the area. In addition to its vibrant catering offering, the company also provides a full range of consultancy services for those who wish to add a splash of Caribbean culture to their menus and those who plan to start their own Caribbean based operations. 

Devoted father and husband, Moore currently resides in Brooklyn, New York and lectures at the New York CUNY. He is the recipient of several industry accolades and earned his MSc. from Revans University.  

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